Frequently Asked Questions:

Your Ultimate Guide to our events.

We understand you might have questions, and we're here to provide answers and ensure your UTV adventure goes smoothly. Check out these frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I sign up at the event?

A: Yes, sign-ups are possible at the event. However, signing up early online saves you time and money, as entry prices are higher at the event itself.

Q: Is radio communication required?

A: No, but it's highly recommended! Radios help enhance communication and coordination. Frequency channels will be provided at the rider's meeting.

Q: How long are the rides?

A: Our trail rides cover distances ranging from 40 to 100 miles, offering a diverse range of UTV exploration.

Q: Do I need to pack a lunch?

A: For most events, you'll need to pack lunch, snacks, and drinks. Some events include stops at restaurants for lunch. Check event details for specifics.

Q: Is there camping available?

A: Yes, camping is available at certain events, with varying types (free, dry, or full hookups). Event details provide specific camping information.

Q: Do I need extra fuel?

A: While not required, carrying extra fuel is highly recommended for your peace of mind, ensuring you're prepared for any unforeseen situations.

Q: What if I have passengers?

A: Passengers need not fill out separate registration forms. They should be listed on the driver's registration form and sign the waiver.

Q: What is Quick Draw Poker?

A: Quick Draw Poker is a game where participants purchase poker hands. Hands are turned in on Saturday evening, with a winner announced after dinner.

Q: What charity benefits from Quick Draw Poker proceeds?

A: Proceeds from Quick Draw Poker go to different charities, supporting a great cause.

Q: Can I buy raffle tickets at the event?

A: Yes, all event participants can purchase raffle tickets before the raffle. Raffle timings are usually after Saturday dinner.

Q: Is food included in the entry fee?

A: Food is included in the weekend package (two breakfasts, one dinner). Depending on the event, food may be available for purchase as well.

Q: Do UTVs need to be street legal?

A: UTVs must follow Arizona State Laws and have OHV decals. Street legality is not required, but compliance with state laws is essential.

Q: Are new UTV owners/riders welcome?

A: Absolutely! Ride within your comfort level and enjoy camaraderie. No one is left behind; safety and friendship are priorities.

Q: Are sport quads and dirt bikes welcome?

A: Yes, but they must meet Arizona's legal requirements, including a forest-approved spark arrestor.

Q: Is protective gear required?

A: Protective gear is required for quads and dirt bikes, not UTVs. Helmets are mandatory for passengers under 18, and eye protection is advised.

Q: Can I ride my UTV/ATV in town?

A: Yes, you can ride your UTV/ATV around town, including grocery shopping, restaurants, and more. Street legal requirements apply.

Q: When is the night ride?

A: Night rides usually take place on Friday evenings around 7 p.m., covering 15-25 miles. Respectfully, dim your bright light bars during the night ride.

Q: My question isn't here. Who should I ask?

A: Feel free to contact us at or call/text 623-363-9665. We're here to help!