Trail Ride Rules

Please review these rules carefully to ensure your understanding before participating in the trail rides. Your safety is paramount, and adherence to these rules helps ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. There will be a ride meeting before each day's rides, providing an opportunity for questions and concerns.

Safety Gear: UTV Offroad Adventures recommends wearing helmets and safety gear on the trail rides. If you're riding a quad or a motorcycle, helmets are mandatory. Radios for communication are highly recommended.

Emergency Contact Card: You will receive an emergency contact card at registration. Keep it with you at all times on the trail to ensure quick communication in case of emergencies.

Check-In: Before the ride begins, ride leaders or UTV Offroad personnel will check in all vehicles using your registration number. Don't leave your group without informing the ride leaders. If separated, stay where you are until found.

Navigation and Safety: The "rotation method" is used to prevent wrong turns. Ride leaders will direct traffic at confusing intersections, allowing participants to pass except for the tailgunner/sweep rider. Any participant can help direct traffic if needed.

Visibility and Dust: Turn on your headlights and maintain spacing between vehicles due to dust. Headlights make you visible to others and help manage dust conditions.

Passing: No aggressive passing while on the trail. Passes should be safe and respectful, with enough space between participants to manage dust.

Fuel and Supplies: Ensure you have ample fuel, food, and water for the trail's length and some extra. Carry a phone charger and a fully charged cell phone if you don't have radios.

Ride Pace: The ride leader sets the pace for safety and enjoyment. Maintain the same speed as the ride leader. Raise concerns about speed with the ride leader if necessary.

Restrooms: Many trails are remote, so plan for few restrooms. If you stop, keep the trail open for others. Minimize stops and rejoin the ride quickly.

Challenges and Accommodations: If you want a challenge or are a beginner, inform your ride leader. Accommodations can be made in most cases.

Tailgunner/Sweep Rider: The tailgunner/sweep rider remains at the end of the group to ensure everyone's safety. They won't pass UTVs on the trail.

Enjoy the Ride: Relax and enjoy the ride. Ride leaders are there to ensure your safety and a great experience.

By following these rules and cooperating with your ride leaders, you can have a safe and enjoyable trail ride experience during the event. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance, and UTV Offroad Adventures is committed to providing a memorable and secure adventure.